• Weck Jars: Stackable Glass Containers


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    Replace plastic storage containers and lids with petrochemical-free, airtight, stackable, glass-lidded Weck jars. Microwave, freeze, refrigerate and can -- all in one container. Glassery loves these German-made jars so much that we think everyone should have them -- so we sell single jars rather than cases. Available in 1/2-liter and 1-liter sizes.

    Weck jars are essentials in my kitchen. I use them for storing everything from stews and sauces to spices and dried beans. I run out of jars long before I run out of uses. I love being able to pour hot broth and soup into them for storing in the freezer. I also love running the lids and rubber seals through the dishwasher without having to worry about dangerous chemicals leaching out.

    I heard about Weck from a home canner who told me that the coating on Mason and Ball jar lids contains BPA. Yikes. 

    Care tip: You can defrost by running hot water from the faucet on the center of the lid. Don't put frozen jars in hot water.

    It helps to designate a little bowl in your drawer for the metal clips -- but if you lose one, don't worry -- we have extras.

  • Weck Jars: Stackable Glass Containers
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  • Weck Jars: Stackable Glass Containers
  • Weck Jars: Stackable Glass Containers

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