• Wedding Collection

    Laurence Brabant

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    A special selection of kitchenware made by the award-winning French glass-blowing studio of Laurence Brabant and Alain Villechange. Made of feather-light yet super-strong borosilicate glass. Collection includes a corked carafe, sugar pot, vinegar bottle, large condiment shaker and small salt shaker. Natural corks complete the look. A memorable, beautiful gift that will bring pleasure for a lifetime.


    The Set includes:

    • Carafe O. Beautiful optical effects. Fits inside fridge door. For water, iced tea, juice or wine.
    • Large condiment shake: Shake, and a tiny glass ball lets pass a sprinkle of salt.
    • Small condiment shaker: For the spice cabinet.
    • Sugar Pot 5XGR. Measures precisely 5 grams, the equivalent of 1 teaspoon, or 1 lump.
    • Vinegar bottle. The dropper dispenses just the right amount of balsamic vinegar or soy sauce.


  • Wedding Collection
  • Wedding Collection
  • Laurence Brabant San Piper Mot Vinegar Bottle
  • Laurence Brabant Carafe O
  • Wedding Collection

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