Weck Cylinder Jars with Wooden Lids

Weck Cylinder Jars with Wooden Lids


Made in Germany of tempered glass, these beautiful cylindrical jars safely hold hot food and liquids. They also provide airtight storage for staples. We've made them even better by including both wooden and glass lids! Store soup, stew and broth in the freezer, then defrost in the microwave. Use them to make tea, Unlike plastic containers, Weck jars don't leach chemicals in the dishwasher or when hot. Choose from case of six 1-liter jars or four 1.5-liter jars. Each jar comes with two lids, one wooden and one glass. Includes rubber seals and clamps for the glass lids. 


1-Liter Jars hold 33.8 fl oz. Height: 8 1/8" Opening: 3 1/8".  Case of 6.

1.5-Liter Jars hold 54 fl oz. Height: 8 1/8". Opening: 3 7/8". Case of 4.


Photo by Sarah Phillips, www.uglyproduceisbeautiful.com

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