Glassery Glass Canisters

Glassery Glass Canisters


Durable glass storage jars hold grains, beans, nuts, tea, herbs, spices, sugar, pasta. A great holiday gift filled with cookies or candy! 


Made of durable borosilicate glass. Lids are beautiful sustainable bamboo, with a silicone seal to keep out moisture.


Certified free of lead and other heavy metals. Gass canisters won't degrade or leach petrochemicals. So much better than plastic! 


Available in three sizes:

  • Short: 2.5-cup capacity, 4.7". Best for herbs, spices, popcorn, tea, dried beans, nuts.
  • Medium: 4-cup capacity, 6.7". Best for grains, beans, or sugar
  • Tall: 8-cup capacity: 11.6". Best for flour. 

All canisters are 4" in diameter.


Care: Glass is dishwasher-safe. Please hand-wash the lids with mild soap.