Anchor Hocking Square Stackable Jars with Wood Lids

SKU: 0002

Anchor Hocking square stackable glass jars provide attractive storage for nuts, flour, rice, sugar, pasta, dried beans, cookies, tea, coffee, powdered soap and more. Jars come in four different heights, and can be stacked to fit your storage space. Free your kitchen from plastic clutter.


Glass is clean and healthy, no chemical smell or leaching.


  • Glass is sturdy and high quality, made in the USA. 
  • Lids are made of imported sustainable bamboo, with an indentation to allow secure stacking
  • Inner plastic seal on lid fits over the jar rim, keeping plastic away from food
  • Jars are dishwasher safe (please hand-wash lid and removable seal)
  • All jars measure 4 1/4" square
  • 1 qt height: 5 3/16"
  • 1.5 qt height: 7 3/16"
  • 2 qt height: 9 3/8"
  • 2.5 qt height: 11 15/16"


Made in USA by Anchor Hocking, one of the few surviving U.S. glassmakers.


Photo by Sarah Phillips @UglyProduceIsBeautiful on Instagram

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