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Give a Sip! Ban Plastic Straws!

I am so excited about the growing success of the global campaign to ban plastic straws!

Seattle banned them...dozens of New York City restaurants have stopped handing them out, and a councilman has introduced a bill... the Wildlife Conservation Society has launched a campaign based in the New York Aquarium, "Give A Sip" -- (love that name)... National Geographic has been doing outstanding coverage of plastic pollution, including this piece on straws...Starbucks switched to compostable (but geez, guys, why wrap them in plastic? Your mermaid is crying.)

People survived for hundreds of thousands of years without single-use plastic straws. It's one more example of thoughtlessly designed products are trashing our home.

You can help get rid of plastic straws!

-- Don't use them

-- Refuse them

-- Sign the petition at Give a Sip

-- Use our pretty, dishwasher-safe glass straws :-)

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