Why glass?

Single-use is yesterday. 

With billions of tons of plastic trash circulating in the ocean, it’s time to stop the waste. The Glassery offers safe, beautifully designed glassware that lasts!

Our glass water bottles, straws, storage canisters, teakettles and cookware are all 100% recyclable – if you can bear to part with them. With glass on your shelves, you'll never worry again about petrochemicals leaching into your family's food and drinks! 

Glass: Used in homes for the last 50 centuries. Safety record: A.

The ingredients of glass are simple and natural: sand, quartz, lime, soda and sometimes boron, to make it strong enough to resist sudden changes in temperature. Glass doesn't leach harmful chemicals when scratched. Nor will it stain or cloud over, even after years of use.

Plastics: Used in homes for the last 50 years. Safety record: F.

Plastics are made of chemicals extracted from crude oil. The plastics industry has stopped using toxic Bisphenol-A (BPA) in high-profile items like baby bottles, but the health safety verdict is still out on other types of household plastics. Did you volunteer your family as guinea pigs?

Because most plastic is designed to be used once and thrown away, billions of tons of plastic trash are circulating in huge ocean garbage patches, where it dissolves and enters the food chain. While recycling is great, plastic weakens with each reuse. The Glassery wants to move forward by returning to a time when safe, beautiful containers were kept for years, to be refilled again and again. By partnering with creative international manufacturers, the Glassery is able to offer the widest selection of borosilicate glass household products found in any U.S. store. The lids and seals on products we offer are made exclusively of sustainable wood, stainless-steel, silicone and cork. No petro-plastics, ever.

True, glass costs a little more than plastic, but in the long run, it will save you money. Why take a chance on your family's health? And have you priced an ocean lately? We wish you and your family health, clean oceans and safe food and water. Please write us with suggestions, concerns and compliments – and try our products!