Why Glass?

Why Choose Glass Over Plastic?

 Billions of plastic bottles and containers are thrown away each year. The good news is that there is an alternative, one that has been around for centuries: glass.

With just a little care, glass can be reused over and over. You can wash it without fear that it will leach poisonous chemicals. Unlike plastic, glass doesn't stain. Glass storage containers can eliminate the need for plastic bags. You can refill glass spray bottles with diluted cleansing concentrates while cutting down on plastic waste.

Best of all, everything tastes better in glass.

Plastic Pollutes the Oceans 

While glass can be reused indefinitely, most plastic goes right into the trash after a single use. Billions upon billions of tons of plastic trash are ending up in the oceans and rivers.  Most plastic products are designed to be thrown away after a single use. Plastic bottle caps and bands choke marine life. Plastic trash and cast-off clothing slowly degrades into tiny bits that enter the food chain. 

Plastic Is Poison

Plastic products are made by combining oil refinery leftovers with chemical additives called plasticizers. Many plasticizers can disrupt the hormone system of infants, interfering with brain development and future reproductive health. Chemicals used to make plastic can make you fat and prone to heart disease.

Industrial chemicals are "innocent until proven guilty" under U.S. regulations. Even after harmful chemicals are identified, it takes public pressure to remove them from the market.  BPA, for example, was never actually banned, even after dozens of scientific studies raised questions about its safety. Thousands of other chemicals used in plastics have yet to be tested. Did you volunteer yourself and your family as lab animals?

Our Goal: Healthy People, Healthy Oceans

Glassery wants to bring back safety, sanity and beauty to the household. We offer a selection of glassware from a network of trusted suppliers. 

Glass: Widely used for 50 centuries. Safety record: A.

Plastics: Widely used for 50 years. Safety record: F.

Why take a chance? Cast your vote for glass.

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