• Our Popular GlassBottle: New and Improved!

    Why settle for the real thing when you can have something far better? Try our iconic single-use plastic bottle lookalike. It looks like an ordinary plastic bottle, but it's made of borosilicate glass. And it comes with your choice of petrochemical-free stoppers!

    The GlassBottle embodies the Glassery's philosophy of providing access to sustainable, reasonably priced, eco-friendly products. Plastic is harmful to people and the planet...and it's completely unnecessary.

    Why use caps that will end up being carried across the ocean to strangle marine animals?

    Why use bottles that add to the millions of tons already in landfills, rivers and seas?

    Why use bottles that you cannot wash or reuse without risking your health?

    Why use a material that never, for all practical purposes, completely disappears into the environment?

    The GlassBottle is designed to use, wash and keep. No fear of chemical plasticizers leaching into your drink and contaminating the Earth.

    Now available with three choices of stopper:

    • Glass stopper with silicone seal (silicone is non-toxic and petrochemical-free)
    • Natural cork
    • Ocean-blue silicone

    Need a replacement stopper? We have them!

    Capacity: 16 oz.

    Weighs 7.4 oz.
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