• Farewell to Bryant Park, Welcome to

    Glassery's kiosk at Bryant Park Winter Village is now officially closed, and we'd like to welcome everyone who shopped at our store (and your friends) to our Web site!

    We're going to have plenty of surprises for you in 2014.

    I had a nice surprise of my own this year. Before I started Glassery, I was a major user of zip-lock plastic bags. A dozen boxes occupied one of my biggest, handiest kitchen shelves. But now that I've started using Weck jars and Anchor Hocking Bake 'N' Stores, I haven't used any plastic bags in many months! I moved them out of my kitchen this week and used the space for glass jars of our favorite Seggiano sauces.

    Happy New Year  to all of you.

    -- Laurel & Aubrey


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