• Why I'm in Business

    I received this note from a customer today:

    I wanted to say thank you for our recent experience at Bryant Park. My nine-year-old daughter loves when we travel to the city and especially at Christmas time due to the fact there are many unique vendors and shops at Union Square, Bryant Park, and Columbus Circle. She saves her money to spend at the little shops. She was truly interested in your glass straws. I so appreciated you taking her as a serious customer( she really was). You boxed a glass straw and gave it to her in  hopes she would come back and love your product.  She felt very proud of how you treated her for sure and I was so happy to see such respect of her despite her age. She loves the straw and has asked to get more. Thank you again for a great product and also the fantastic service. You are the reason I shop small and my daughter loves the personal attention that small businesses offer.


    Makes it all worthwhile!


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