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      • Spring Cleaning

        Is it time to reorganize your kitchen? Replace all those unsightly piles of plastic baggies with Glassery's glass jars! We're stocking up on wood-lidded jars from Anchor-Hocking and Weck that stack nicely in the pantry, as well as our classic wood-lidded Glassery Airtight Canisters. We're bringing back tall jars for...

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      • Sarah Phillips Art!

        I am so thrilled to show these beautiful new shots of Glassery's new product line by my dear longtime friend, food stylist and activist Sarah Phillips!  Glass has it over plastic in a thousand ways -- health, environmental sanity, longevity -- and not least among them is beauty. Through Sarah's...

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      • Glass spray bottles are keepers!

        Are you fed up with seeing photos of shorelines and rivers awash with plastic trash? Plastic packaging has had its day. I've got one word for you: glass. Consider the spray bottle. You probably won't find them in your local supermarket, but they can save you a ton of money...

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